don't be scammed - Be informed about your alarm industry


1.) Don't Get "SLAMMED"

Getting "SLAMMED" in the alarm industry is a popular tactic to get a customer to sign a contract with another company. Usually someone will knock on the door and tell the homeowner their current alarm company is out of business, has been bought by their company or they are a Rep. for their alarm company and they are eligible for a FREE UPGRADE. DON"T BUY IT! Always call your current alarm provider and get the facts from them.

2.) Door Knocking Sales People

New homeowners will experience this the most. Sales people knocking on the door to sell you a LIMITED TIME OFFER because they are the AREA/REGIONAL or RELOCATION MANAGER and they are only going to be in the area for a short time or the deal is only good today. Don't Buy it!

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3.) You Own The Equipment?

With Standguard Security Systems Inc. YOU OWN THE EQUIPMENT! 

Other Companies will charge you an INSTALLATION Charge and say the equipment is Free but in the contract you sign it specifically states "the equipment is the property of ABC Alarm company"

Don't Over-Pay for something that's not actually yours. 

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This just means that the equipment you had installed in your home or business is locked to the company you purchased it from and can not be used by another alarm company. So, if you don't like the service you are receiving from your alarm company and you want to change companies, you have to buy all new equipment.     - We don't do that!

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5.) Monitoring Rates

The Industry is changing, with the availability of DIY security systems and the well recognized big companies like ABC Alarms and others, now monitoring rates can vary from $14.95 to $80 a month.

Our Monitoring rates are fair and include our Dealer Lifetime Service Plan. 

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6.) Dealer Lifetime Service Plan

All our New installations and equipment are covered with a Complete 100% warranty for the first 12 months. - If it breaks, we fix it.

After the first year if the customer remains a monitored alarm customer with us in good standing our Dealer Lifetime Service Plan is Free to every qualified customer, it includes Service and Replacement of any part of the security alarm system for the cost of only a $30 to $50 Trip Charge. (automation & video equipment are not covered by this warranty but are subject to the original manufactures warranty)

Warranty does not cover, Acts of God, battery changes, customer abuse/neglect, add-ons, upgrades,  remodeling or actual break-ins.