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New Home Owner

Don't over-pay for an alarm system and DON"T get stuck in a 3 year contract!

Call Standguard Security for a fair and free home security assessment. 

 - NO LONG CONTRACT - only 12 months

 - You own the equipment

 - The system is transferable to another alarm company if you want to switch.

Fair & Free Estimates: Call 440-253-8065 Today.

Support your local economy

Standguard Security is locally owned and operated and we offer premium home security products from companies like Honeywell,  2GIG and Ecolink.

Call for a free comparative quote and let us show you the savings. 440-253-8065

Make sure you own the equipment you purchased.

Many of the Big Providers in this industry offer FREE Home Security Systems to customers and charge you an Installation Fee of $99 or more, sometimes they sell systems for thousands of dollars but never disclose that in the 3 year contract they offer there is a short sentence that reads, "System remains the property of ABC Alarm Company." So when you cancel your service with them, they can remove your system. don't get Scammed.

Call 440-253-8065 and OWN THE SYSTEM!

3 to 5 YEAR CONTRACT! - No Way!

Don't get stuck in a contract for 3 to 5 years! You just bought your new home. At Standguard Security we understand that you don't need another long contract so all our new home owner service agreements are for only 12 months and then continue on a month-to-month basis. We know that life can change quickly and protecting your home & family shouldn't be a concern.

Call us, we can show you the difference a 12 month initial term agreement can make. 440-253-8065

Locked & Proprietary Systems

The new trend in the industry is for companies to sell equipment that can be locked so it cannot be used by any other company. This makes it difficult for the end user (you) to change companies in the future.

At Standguard Security we don't lock you into a long contract and we don't lock you out of equipment you purchased.

For a Fair & Free estimate call 440-253-8065

Compare & Save!

Our Smart Home Monitoring service for $49.95 a month offers all the same features that other companies charge $59.99/mo.  or more  for.

Our Wholesale pricing on services and equipment will get you protected and connected for less.

Call us at 440-253-8065 for more information