Home Automation

home automation wireless security systemThe Honeywell LYNX Touch platform supports Z-wave based home automation & integration.  After you "include" the Z-wave devices, there are ways to pre-configure scenes and rules to execute specific commands to devices based on alarm triggers like a sensor fault or a arm or disarm command.

Home Automation Features & Integration

A Scene is a set of actions or Rules to specified Z-Wave devices. For example, a Vacation scene could be setup to randomize lights and set the thermostat to energy saving mode. A rule allows you to execute a scene based on a specified zone fault and/or a system operation like Arm Away.

Wireless Home Automation & Security System

home automation systemAll in all, scenes and rules allow you to automate your L5210 or L7000 so it can execute commands to your Z-wave devices based on common occurrences. Set up of these actions are easy and done in Automation icon.  Once set, they will continue to execute until they are deleted.  If you have rules based on arming or disarming, these can be triggered remotely by arming from your wireless keychain remote or the Total Connect remote service as well.

The Total Connect™ Automation Dashboard

With the Total Connect Automation Dashboard you can view all of your connected Z-Wave devices, including your security system, lighting, locks and thermostats and control them with connected devices such as smart phones, tablets, Home Automationdesktops, laptops and other iOS and Android devices . 

The dashboard is divided into 3 sections: 
→Thermostats→Locks, Switches & DimmersScene Control

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