Home Alarm & Security Systems

Your safety, your family's safety, the protection of your property and your peace of mind are our priority.  Whether you stay home or travel away you can relax knowing that Standguard Security has you covered.

Located in the Cleveland area, our security system professionals prepare a free security assessment, and because we're local - we know what security, surveillance and alarm system requirements are most beneficial in Cleveland's city and suburban neighborhoods. 

Cleveland Surveillance System

Cleveland neighborhoods and suburbs including Cleveland Heights, Tremont, Edgewater and Ohio City have experienced the benefits of street and parking surveillance cameras in the reduction in crime and the same concept has proven effective when using surveillance in and around your own home.  Learn more about how a home surveillance system can reduce theft, lower your risk of crime and be used to provide peace of mind while monitoring your home, family and property.  Call our surveillance system experts or fill out our contact form for a free security assessment.

Home Automation

Today's security & alarm systems can do a lot more than fend off burglars.  With some fairly simple home automation integration other aspects of your home - surveillance, alarm, heating, locks, garage doors, lighting and more can be automated, scheduled and controlled with a variety of wireless equipment - from your smart-phone and tablet to your Apple watch!  Learn more about our home automation services or reach out to our team now for a free security assessment.

home automation wireless security system
home security system
home automation system
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